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Jail avoided for 3 pounds of marijuana
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A Smithville man caught with three pounds of marijuana has been given probation.The man, Louis Raul Chabarria, 24, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley and was granted a two-year judicial diversion. The diversion means his criminal record will be erased as long as he successfully completes his two years on probation. He was also directed to pay $2,250 plus court costs as part of his sentence.Chabarria was pulled over for speeding on Highway 8 by Highway Patrolman Rodney Whiles.“Upon approaching the vehicle, I could smell a strong odor of marijuana,” Whiles said.The trooper questioned the driver and the suspect was cooperative to the point of even telling the highway patrolman where his stash was hidden in the silver Chevy Impala.“He admitted to having marijuana in his bag,” Whiles said, noting he soon found a blue gym back in the car.