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Jacobs seeks lower speed limit on two county roads
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Warren County government has received another speed limit request, this one to lower the speed limits on Crisp Springs Road and Pigeon Hill Road.
James Jacobs says he’s concerned about safety on both those roads.
“On Crisp Springs Road, traffic just flies through there,” said Jacobs. “It’s really dangerous. People are on their way to work and they fly through there.”
According to Jacobs, the street does not have a posted speed limit.
Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on roads in Warren County, but outside the city limits, is 55 mph. Streets not posted inside the city are 30 mph.
Pigeon Hill Road is posted as 45 mph.
“United Church is on Pigeon Hill Road,” said Jacobs. “It’s on a hill. They have a yellow light up there but I’ve been expecting someone to get killed there. I just wanted to see what could be done about it.”
The request was made during a county Highway and Bridge Committee meeting.
When consideration is made to changing a street’s speed limit, Warren County contacts Alan Wolfe, who is the regional traffic engineer with TDOT, for a review of the street and his opinion on what the speed limit should be.
Road Superintendent Levie Glenn said he can ask the state for a study of those two streets, but sometimes it’s an enforcement issue that can’t be fixed with a lower speed limit.
“Some people get to driving faster and faster,” said Glenn. “I talked to Alan Wolfe about it. He says, sometimes, it is a law enforcement issue. We want to make things safe though. We can see what he says about these two streets.”
Commissioner Randy England urged Jacobs to contact residents on both the streets and begin a petition for each.
“That gives us a little something more to lean on, rather than doing something and not having the residents in that area agreeing with it,” said England.
Along with a petition and TDOT review, committee members also consider accident reports from Tennessee Highway Patrol and/ or Warren County Sheriff’s Department in considering a speed limit change.