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It's scary season
Thrills begin at the admission gate to Cedar Groves Haunted Trail. As Douglas Trousdale waits in line for a van to transport him and his family to the trailhead, a scarecrow stuffed with more than hay creeps up beside him.

The Cedar Grove Fire Department’s Haunted Trail kicked off its season of fright last Friday night.
“I don’t like clowns,” said Ruby Trousdale, as she hid behind her brother, Douglas. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
When asked what he’s afraid of, Douglas replied, “Nothing. Nothing scares me.”
His stance may have changed a little when a scarecrow crept up beside him as he waited in line for a van to take them to the trailhead.
According to the teens’ mother, they were hunting something different to do as a family and decided to try this haunted attraction.
Each group is given one glow stick to navigate through the woods and its offerings of “The Meat Department,” “Clown Town,” “Witches Alley,” “Scarecrow Village,” “Mine Shaft,” and “Vortex Tunnel.” Additional glow sticks can be purchased for $1. Ruby wanted an additional glow stick.
The Haunted Trail is offered Friday and Saturday nights in October, from dark until 11 p.m. Tickets are $5 per person. Children under 5 are admitted free. It is a fundraiser for Cedar Grove Fire Department.
The Haunted Trail is located at 1876 Bone Cave Mountain Road at Miller’s Farm. To get there, take Highway 70S toward Sparta. Turn right at The Landing Shell Station, then follow the signs.