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Initial interviews done for Finance Director
Linda Hillis award
Nine applicants are vying for the job of county Finance Department director that will be vacated by Linda Hillis.

In-person interviews took place this week for the Warren County Finance Department director position.

Nine candidates sat in the hot seat and were asked a series of 12 questions by the seven-member county Financial Management Committee, as well as any follow-up questions prompted by the responses given.

One applicant then turned the tables.

“What’s the next step in the hiring process,” she asked. “Will you make a decision within a few days or will we have another interview?”
There is no set procedure, because this is the first time the committee has had to interview and select a Finance Department director.

“What we talked about doing is having the three sets of interviews and maybe having another committee meeting to narrow it down,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “I guess it depends on these guys and how they feel if there is a second round of personal interviews or not. At the very least, we’ll have another committee meeting to discuss the applicants once these interviews are complete.”

Commissioner Tommy Savage said he’s had phone calls pertaining to each applicant and the final decision will not be an easy one to make.
The applicant then asked what the committee expects of the person selected to replace Linda Hills.

“Linda has been here a long time and she really does a good job,” said Commissioner Terry Bell. “I don’t think you’ll find anyone who says she’s not doing an excellent job.”

Commissioner Scott Rubley added, “She goes above and beyond, actually.”

“Everyone who has dealt with Linda is going to expect the same,” said Bell. “She’s very professional. She knows what she’s doing and she gets her work done. That’s how I would describe her.”

Cox says his expectation would be to find someone who can look at the big picture and to “make sure we’re doing the right thing for the county and willing to speak up when we are not.”

“Staying current with federal laws and state laws,” said Savage.

Road Superintendent Levie Glenn stated, “Dealing with people and having a good personality and patience. Budgeting is a big issue, not getting wrote up by the auditors.”

Interviews were scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. The date of the meeting to narrow the applicants has yet to be set.