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Ideas for logo use in full bloom
city new logo color

McMinnville officials are considering how best to use the new tourism slogan and logo.

“We need to discuss if we want to use the new logo in the city and how we would use it,” said Alderman Everett Brock, during Tuesday night’s Finance Committee meeting. “I’m not really sure how we would use it at this point in time.”

Design Sensory, a design agency from Knoxville, unveiled last month its plans to make McMinnville the place to vacation in Tennessee. Its logo and slogan were generated at the request of the Chamber of Commerce and presented to the city.

The logo is a compass with a magnolia tree bloom. At the bottom of the logo is the slogan, “Where Life’s In Full Bloom.”

Alderman Ben Newman is in favor of using the new logo.

“I would like to see it used because it is a new branding tool,” said Newman. “We’ve got the McMinnville ‘Sow Natural.’ When I showed that to people at my office and asked them what it means, they said they’ve never paid any attention to it and asked me what it means. They didn’t know. I would like to use it. I think it looks good. I think it looks better than what we’ve been using.”

Brock said he doesn’t find the new logo catchy.

“It just doesn’t grab me for some reason,” said Brock. “The Sow Natural didn’t grab me either.”

Chamber president Mandy Eller was asked to contact Design Sensory and request how the new slogan and logo could be used on the city’s different department stationaries.

“If there’s a charge for that, let us know,” said Newman. “If they’ll do it for free, that would be great.”

Design Sensory offered to hold a marketing campaign to generate photography and videography to be used as the city made the transition, as well as offered to help the city change its website. However, the cost of that is unknown.