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Homeless man jailed
Phillip Shook.jpg
Phillip Shook

A man who court records show is homeless and living under the bridge on Beersheba Street has been ordered to serve 120 days in jail.

Phillip Matthew Shook, 30, was given the sentence Tuesday in General Sessions Court for third-offense domestic assault, coercion of a witness, and violation of probation.

According to the warrant for his arrest, the incident reportedly happened June 2 when Shook was riding in a vehicle with a female friend.

“He was riding with her on a delivery she was on and they started an argument in the vehicle,” the warrant states. “Phillip Matthew Shook then reached over and hit her in the head a number of times and reached over and placed her in a strangulation hold.”

The warrant says the female victim got out of the choke hold, made her delivery, and then let Shook out of the vehicle at the Beersheba Street bridge. She made a police report the next morning.

The coercion of a witness charge was leveled because Shook reportedly contacted the female by phone between the dates of June 5 and June 21. During those phone conversations, he attempted to influence her testimony for a preliminary hearing on the assault charge set for June 22, the arrest warrant states.