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Homeless man charged after hit and run while on the run
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Felony charges have been filed against a homeless man who slammed head-on into a parked car and kept driving as he was trying to evade arrest.The driver, Brian Lee Hale, 30, is charged with felony reckless endangerment and evading arrest for his run from the law. He will face arraignment this week in General Sessions Court.McMinnville policeman Andy Aguilar said he tried to pull over Hale’s black Pontiac Grand Am on Sunset Drive around 3 a.m., but the suspect immediately gunned his engine and made a run for it. Aguilar said it was soon apparent Hale was not the best driver.“While traveling at a high rate of speed on West Main Street, the vehicle struck a tree causing damage to the passenger side,” the patrolman reported.Hale was able to give police the slip but it was soon found his crash on West Main was not the end of his demolition derby in his Grand Am.“He was involved in a head-on collision with a parked car on Beersheba Street,” Aguilar said.