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Hollis steals Christmas gift
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The spirit of giving has landed a local man in jail after the early Christmas gift he gave to a woman ended up being stolen from Walmart.
The man, Michael Dusty Hollis, 20, is charged with shoplifting jewelry just before Christmas. He was observed by Walmart security taking items from the jewelry department without paying for them. Police were called and a description of the man and the car he left in were dispatched to patrolling units. The following morning, the vehicle was stopped.
“The occupant of the vehicle produced a gold-tone watch and gold-tone bracelet,” the warrant against Hollis reads. “She admitted she had received them from Hollis the day earlier.”
Police caught up to Hollis at a local motel and found a silver men’s watch in his possession.
“He admitted he took unlawful possession of the jewelry,” the warrant says of his confession.