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Holland named Conservation Farmer of the Year
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The 2019 Conservation Farmer of the Year is Jonathan Holland. Warren County Soil Conservation District made the announcement last Wednesday. He owns a 125-acre farm in Morrison. Pictured, from left, are Gary Martin, Melita Holland, Jonathan Holland, and Mike Bouldin. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Warren County Soil Conservation District held its annual luncheon to recognize its 2019 Conservation Farmer of the Year. 

Bestowed with the honor was Jonathan Holland, who owns a small farm in Morrison with his wife Melita. They raise background feeder calves and do some calf-cow production. In addition to cattle, he works a corn, soybean and wheat rotation on approximately 125 acres. 

The Hollands have a son McCoy, 4, and a daughter, Carsyn, 2. 

“I appreciate this,” said Jonathan. “Thank you.”

The man of few words is a man of action. Presenter Mike Bouldin said Jonathan is always quick to assist a neighbor.  

 “Jonathan has been a salesman for conservation practices and has referred many friends and family to our office to better utilize and protect resources on their farms across Warren County,” said Bouldin. “He is always there to help another farmer in need. There have been at least two instances in the last year that Jonathan has stopped whatever it was he was working on to make sure neighbors and friends had fresh water for their cattle. He is a true friend to conservation and trying to make sure our precious resources are around for generations to come.”

Among the numerous individuals in attendance were state conservationist Sheldon Hightower from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and area conservationist Leon Tillman.

“It’s a pleasure to be here and we appreciate all the conservation work going on here in Warren County,” said Hightower.

Tillman says the Nursery Capital of the World is doing well as far as its conservation efforts.   

“Warren County is actually our top county as far as obligating farm build dollars in our area,” said Tillman. “We obligated almost $600,000 across multiple programs. There are a lot of things going on, as far as working with our nursery industry and looking at different ways where we can implement conservation there. Warren County is definitely on the cutting edge and continuing to look at ways in which we continue to do conservation but also in new and innovative ways.”

Tillman added, “I was looking at the numbers today and Warren County had conservation measures implemented on 1.5 percent of the total farm acres in the county. When you have over 153,000 farm acres in the county, that’s a nice mark to hit.”

Warren County Soil Conservation District’s annual banquet was held at Gondola.