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Hit the road, join motorcycle club
John Davis is the rider director of the recently established American Legion Rider Chapter Post 173. The group is for Legionaries who are also motorcycle enthusiasts. Members are being accepted.

American Legion Rider Chapter Post 173 is seeking members.
“American Legion Post 173 has formed a new ALR Chapter,” said John A. Davis, rider director.
ALR is not a motorcycle gang or club. Its members are eligible to be in the American Legion who are also motorcycle enthusiasts. They participate in parades, partake in motorcycling events, and support the communities in which they live, work, and play.
“We are first and foremost Legionaries, who are motorcycle enthusiasts who love to ride,” said Davis.  “We follow the same precepts and policies of the national, department and post, constitution and bylaws. The American Legion Riders is family oriented, just as its parent organization, the American Legion.”
Riders also promote motorcycle safety programs and provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share the same interest.
All veterans who meet the requirements of American Legion can be a Legion Rider. They must meet the following four requirements:
• They must be a member in good standing of the host post, Ladies Auxiliary, or Sons of American Legion (SAL).
• They must hold a valid Tennessee driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement.
• They must own a 350cc or better motorcycle and have a Tennessee registration in their name.
• They must have proof of insurance meeting Tennessee requirements.
Note: Ladies Auxiliary can be a Legion Rider without owning a motorcycle if she is a rider with her American Legion spouse.
During the first meeting, Davis was appointed rider director, Dwain Cantrell as assistant director, William Russell as sergeant at arms,  Kevin Killea as historian, Tom Cantrell as road captain, Bruce Baldwin as treasurer, Susan Baldwin as secretary, and Angela Cantrell as chaplain.
For more information, call Davis at 931-808-4549 or email