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Hill announces run for alderman seat
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David Hill

I, David H. Hill, am a candidate for alderman in the city election Nov. 6. It’s my desire to help the city of McMinnville continue to move forward in the years ahead.

I am currently employed at Stacy’s Wellness Pharmacy and Kroger. Previously, I was employed at Stewart’s Pharmacy for 34 years.

In over 37 years of working in the retail field, I have learned it’s the people who matter in a business. I believe the same should be true of government. Elected officials should seek to make the people their top priority.

An elected official should always be willing to listen to those they represent. In doing so, the people can feel they have a voice in the decisions made that affect their lives.

An elected official should always be responsible in spending taxpayer money. People have a right to be upset when tax dollars are wasted.

I would like, when funds are available, for the city board to further help the nonprofit organizations in our community. These groups seek to provide needed services for the people they serve.

The mayor and city board have the responsibility to provide the necessary leadership and to ensure adequate funds are provided so each department can operate efficiently. The real credit for a well-operated city that is moving forward belongs to the men and women who go to work daily to make our city better. This begins with the city administration and department heads but also includes every employee of the city. When those employees are given credit they deserve, you end up with better employees.

Having said that, I was disappointed with the recent move to seek to have a new city administrator over the last few years. Mr. Bill Brock has shown he is capable of seeing to the day-to-day operations of the city.

There is no comparison between the job he has done and that of past administrators. It’s my hope the city board would allow Mr. Brock to continue in that position.

Important issues will continue to face our city in the years to come. Several of those have been present for several years and largely ignored. Choosing to do nothing is usually the worst option when dealing with any issue.

If elected, every decision or vote I cast will come after answering two questions: Is this decision or vote in the best interest of the city of McMinnville? Does this decision or vote seek to be representative of the people whom I serve?

I ask for your vote and support in the upcoming election. Together we can continue to make McMinnville a better city to live in and one we can be proud to leave to the future generations that will call it their home.