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High-wind storm hits county Friday night
Clark Blvd tree.jpg
McMinnville firefighters arrive at the corner of Clark Boulevard and West End Avenue to remove a tree that had fallen across the road.

It was a tense 15 minutes when a high-wind storm ripped through Warren County around 9:15 p.m. Friday night.

Trees and power lines were reported down throughout the county, along with a single-car crash on Shelbyville Road.

A fallen tree blocked one lane of travel on West Main Street near Hardee’s, while another tree blocked both lanes on Clark Boulevard near its intersection with West End Avenue.

Property owner Randall Stevens pointed out the tree on Clark Boulevard fell all around his mailbox, but his mailbox was still standing.

“I’d been thinking about getting that tree removed, but I guess this takes care of that,” said Stevens.

McMinnville Fire Department arrived on the scene and firefighters used a chainsaw to remove the tree and clear the roadway in a matter of minutes. 

Firefighters said tree removal is a new service the department now offers in emergency situations.