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Hickory Creek receptionist charged for use of students' P-EBT cards
ruthann mcinnis
Ruthann McInnis

A Hickory Creek Elementary employee was arrested after a parent filed a report on her son’s missing P-EBT (pandemic electronic benefit transfer) card.

On Nov. 29, Hickory Creek receptionist Ruthann McInnis, 56, was charged with two counts of fraudulent use of a debit card. Stacy Johnson filed a report on Nov. 18 with the McMinnville Police Department regarding her son’s P-EBT card being used fraudulently.

Detective Katelyn Cannon told the Standard, “One of the parents was wondering why she wasn’t getting her kid’s P-EBT, so she called and was informed that it was being used.” During the investigation, Cannon pulled the P-EBT records and found that there were 20 separate transactions between the dates of Jan. 10, 2022 and Nov. 15. Cannon said, “The total amount used on the card was $773.10.”

According to Cannon, the EBT card was used at Kroger, and video surveillance identified McInnis. Cannon said, “After interviewing Ruthann, she admitted to using another student’s P-EBT card. Records were pulled from that card and the mother, Lisa Tyson, was notified.” McInnis allegedly used this card from Feb. 16, 2022 to Nov. 18, spending a total of $477.51 across 12 separate transactions.

Detective Cannon said, “While checking the mail back in January, she (McInnis) found two P-EBT cards and put them in her drawer.” McInnis allegedly used the cards for groceries.

McInnis was served with a criminal summons and charged on Nov. 29 for two counts of fraudulent use of a debit card and was ordered to pay restitution. Her court date is set for Dec. 13. Director of Schools Grant Swallows said that she has been suspended pending the investigation.