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Hickory Creek has Thanksgiving feast
Hickory Creek Thanksgiving (Swallows+Patel).jpg

Thanksgiving came early at Hickory Creek Elementary when family members were able to come eat a Thanksgiving lunch with their students last week. 

Thanksgiving is all about remembering what you are thankful for and, of course, eating. Many of the students were wearing headbands with turkeys they had colored on them saying what they were thankful for on each feather. The students were all excited for Thanksgiving and all had different parts they were looking forward to.

First-grader Finnley Killian said her favorite part of Thanksgiving was “Probably eating turkey.” She also said that this year she is thankful for her teacher Rebekah Mooneyham. Some of the things she listed on her turkey drawing that she was also thankful for were ice cream, her family, and her class. She was joined at the Thanksgiving lunch by her parents Jeff Killian and Shannon Robbins.

First-grader Judah Swallows said his favorite part about the holiday is “being together” and his favorite Thanksgiving food is green beans. On his turkey he colored, he wrote that he is thankful for his mom, dad, sister, brother, class, his best friend Jai, the Army, his teacher, his family, and the USA. Swallows ate his lunch with his mother Beth Swallows and best friend first-grader Jai Patel. Patel said his favorite food to eat for Thanksgiving is probably mashed potatoes and biscuits. 

First-grader Vincent Smith said he is most thankful for his parents this year. His parents Jeremy Smith and Sara Nelson joined him for lunch and were touched by his answer. Charlie Duncan said she is thankful for her family this year. Some of the things she listed on her turkey drawing that she is also thankful for are her teacher and her class. Her mother Jessica Duncan joined her for lunch. 

It was a nice way for the Hickory Creek students and family members to celebrate the holiday and reflect on what they are most thankful for this year while also getting to enjoy some food together.