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Hickory Creek getting new chiller at cool price of $149K
Cox, Bobby new mugshot.jpg
Bobby Cox

Hickory Creek Elementary will receive a new air conditioner at a blistering cost of $149,974.

“We received six bids on a new chiller for Hickory Creek,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “The lowest was from CHC Mechanical. It was for $149,974. Our recommendation is to accept the bid from CHC.”

Members of the county’s Financial Management Committee met to consider the bid request.

The school’s chiller went out one day before school started in August. It covers the entire school. To prevent employees and students from sweltering in the summer heat, a temporary replacement was installed at a cost of $19,000 a month until a new one could be bid, purchased and installed.

“We really need to get this installed as soon as possible,” said Cox. “It’s $50,000 below what we estimated. We had $200,000 in the budget. The School Board approved the purchase during its last meeting.”

Committee members gave unanimous approval for that bid purchase, as well as two bids for projects at Warren County High School: a bid of $12,635 for a new stage curtain and a bid of $158,000 for two awnings to protect children as they load and unload from buses.

“Is that a good price on a curtain,” said Commissioner Scott Rubley.

Cox replied, “We don’t know. We only received one bid and this is the first time we’ve ever replaced one. The stage curtain we have is about 25 years old.”

Two bids were received for awnings, with the lowest being from FTM Contracting.

“The awnings that we had were torn down when we built the new weight room and wellness center,” said Cox. “They were not replaced all the way down. There’s only a limited space for students to stand while waiting on the bus. We’re putting an awning there and one where our special education students unload on the front part of the building. There has never been an awning there.”