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Hickory Creek FCEC News
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Hickory Creek FCE met Jan. 8 for the regular monthly meeting at Billy’s Restaurant. The meeting was called to order by President Gibbs at 1p.m. She welcomed our newest members Pam Duff and Carolyn Belcher. In the absence of chaplain Ann Whitman, Gibbs read an article of encouragement for the new year by being strong and courageous. The Biblical reference was from Joshua 1:1-9. We were led in the pledge to the flag by Gibbs. The 2018 FCE Yearbook was distributed to each member.

Secretary Phyllis Hillis was asked to call roll. The 12 members finished the statement “When I say tree, you say…”  Several members were absent due to illness and get well cards were sent to Ann Whitman, Janis Darnaby and Irene Fuston.  The minutes from the December meeting were read and approved. Treasurer Marian Jacobs gave the financial report.  

Vice president Davis asked for member reports and demonstrations. Brenda Clark showed a Christmas wreath quilt top, a pillow with team logo and an embroidered pillow top.  Pam Duff and Martha McBride showed Swedish weaving towels that they had worked on at the Crafting Then and Now meeting.  Jacobs turned in several gallons of drink can tabs for the state project.  Eight members present reported reading since the last meeting. Clark reported on "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown, and Phyllis Hillis on "The Racketeer" by John Grisham. Since January is membership month, Davis asked everyone to invite two people to a club meeting.  

She also collected information from each member for Gold Stars and books read in 2017 for year-end reports.  With no other reports or demonstrations, Davis turned the meeting over to Gibbs. 

Martha McBride collected activity reports for the state projects report.  The date for the visit to McMinnville Boarding Home to play Bingo and celebrate birthdays was discussed.

President Gibbs asked for suggestions for the quarter community service donation.  After discussion, Clark made a motion to give the first and second quarterly donations to the women and men’s shelters.  The motion was seconded by Pam Duff and the motion carried. 

Gibbs asked if we wanted to add a community service project.  After discussion, Clark made a motion to donate prizes to the Senior Citizens Center Bingo twice a year.  The motion was seconded by Hillis and the motion carried.  The donations will be made in June and December.  It was also decided to continue playing Bingo at Fannie B’s each quarter as a service project.  Crystal Davis volunteered to be official photographer for the club.  

Gibbs passed out the TAFCE Central Region Newsletter that will be published quarterly by the Central Region President, Emily Gordon, to help keep clubs informed of events happening in the region. 

Several members attended the first meeting of Crafting Then and Now.  President Gibbs passed out sheets listing the future class and dates.  

Remember to continue logging CVU’s, hours spent on state projects and collecting drink can tabs for the state project.

Members celebrating birthdays this month are Tina Ramsey, Marian Jacobs and Carolyn Womack.  A thank you card was received by the club from President Gibbs.

Our next meeting will be February 1 in the Magnolia Room at the Warren County Administration Building beginning at 10 a.m. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Everyone present enjoyed a lunch before the meeting.