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'He's trying to kill me'
Medley arrested for kidnapping
Medley mug.jpg

Another McMinnville man was arrested on kidnapping and assault charges.

Jeffery Leon Medley, 64, was arrested on Jan. 17 after a mysterious call was made to 911. Deputies Hunter Bouldin and Robert Farnsworth of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched in reference to a 911 open line with a woman possibly being heard screaming in the background. Upon arrival, the two deputies reportedly observed a white camper in the area where the call was made.

The two could reportedly hear at least one person inside and attempted to make contact by knocking on the door. According to the warrant signed by Deputy Bouldin, “After several moments, a male (identified as Jeffery Medley) opened the door and appeared to be shoved out of the camper. A woman immediately appeared after the male and began frantically crying, ‘He’s trying to kill me!’”

The deputies spoke to the woman after detaining Medley. According to Bouldin, “She stated that a friend had dropped her off so she could take a shower.” The victim then allegedly told the deputies that Medley began demanding his stuff back, which she described as a bag of coins. She also reportedly said Medley threatened to kill her and chop her head off.

Deputy Bouldin said, “According to her, Mr. Medley forced her to shower at the rear of the camper by shoving her and then grabbed a large knife. She said while he was threatening to kill her, he jabbed her with the knife in her rib area. According to her, he also placed the knife to her neck while making threats against her life.” The victim also reportedly stated that she was on the phone with 911 when Medley hit the phone out of her hand, preventing her from speaking with dispatch.

The deputies searched Medley’s person and reportedly found a bag of a white crystal-like substance in his pocket. 

While the deputies were inside the camper, they reportedly saw a bag of a white crystal-like substance and a small straw on the same plate in plain view on the dining table. According to Bouldin, “Also in plain view, on one of the seats at the dining table, a Ziploc baggie of a green leafy substance was also seen.”

Jeffery Medley was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, possession of meth and a Schedule VI drug, and interference with emergency calls. He was arraigned on Tuesday where his court date is set for Feb. 7, 2023. His bail is set at $115,000.