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Herzog heading effort to secure funds
Herzog has offered to spearhead the effort to raise the funds and has pledged $5,000 of his own money.

Warren County Schools was denied a LEAP grant that would have been used to advance the school’s advanced robotics program.
But the effort is not over.
“Every community needs a Todd Herzog,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “He’s definitely supportive of Warren County Schools. I don’t know what we would do without him. He’s a person who really supports education and our students, as well as business and industry in our community.”
Those words relayed good news with bad to members of the Warren County Board of Education. While the grant was denied, Cox said Herzog has offered to spearhead the effort to raise the funds and has pledged $5,000 of his own money.
“Mr. Herzog, who I think everyone knows from the Business Roundtable Action Committee, is very enthusiastic about still pursuing those funds,” said Cox. “He’s going out to try to gather more funding to try to make this become a reality for our school system. He’s going to the city of McMinnville and to area industry to recruit funding. He’s also proposing to put in $5,000 of his own money.”
School Board member Bill Zechman says Herzog is tireless in his pursuits.
The grant would have purchased a system that connects the high school Mechatronics program to the middle school program.
“If we had gotten the grant, we would have one robotic work cell and a STEM cart and an entire vision system at the high school to go along with our Mechatronics program,” said Cox.
In order to apply for the grant, the school system had to set aside $45,000 as a match. Cox requested the funds be used toward Herzog’s endeavor with an additional $5,000.
“We didn’t get the grant, but the board pledged $45,000 for the school’s part of the equipment for that,” Cox said. “The total bill for that grant was over $100,000 if we got the grant. What I would like to see us do is to keep that same amount of money or even round it off to $50,000 which we could handle out of our budget, I think. We’ve already set aside that money for the grant anyway but we didn’t have to spend it. I think, if we can pledge that $50,000, Herzog can raise the other $65,000 through businesses and industry.”
School Board members unanimously agreed to dedicate $50,000 if Herzog can obtain the remaining $65,000 needed for the purchase.