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Henry Cho bringing comedic talents to Park Theater
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Popular comedian Henry Cho will take the Park Theater stage at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 11 with tickets ranging from $30 to $50.

He’s been on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno and played golf with Adam Sandler.

Longtime comedian Henry Cho is a funny guy and he’ll be coming to the Park Theater stage on Saturday, Dec. 11. Tickets are available at ranging from $30 for balcony seating, to $40 on the main floor, to $50 for premium seating.

“Adam Sandler and I play golf together and sometimes we play with David Spade,” said Cho in an interview with the Southern Standard last week. “I usually don’t talk shop too much while I’m on the golf course, but when we are all together we end up telling a lot of jokes. It’s really a great time.”

Cho says there are inherent challenges to stepping on stage and making people you don’t know laugh for an hour. He says the goal is to get anywhere from four to 10 laughs a minute, which means he has to think up some humorous material.

“If I’m awake, I’m working,” said Cho. “Someone could say something, I could see something, and it’s something that ends up in my routine.”

Cho first appeared on “The Tonight Show” in 1992 during Leno’s first week as host. He was the featured entertainer in 2006 at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner when George W. Bush was president.

He’s done movies, TV shows and even hit golf balls with Bob Hope. Cho says being funny all comes down to delivery.

“I told the same joke for years and it always got big laughs,” said Cho. “Then I went through a spell where I told that same joke and people stopped laughing. I asked another comedian about it and he said, ‘You’re not telling it the same way.’ So I went back and looked at some of my earlier performances and he was right. I wasn’t telling it the same way. So I changed it back up and it started to get big laughs again.”

Cho said he realizes some of his jokes are much funnier than others. He classifies jokes as A, B and C jokes and says you have to sprinkle in your A jokes throughout the routine to ensure the laughs keep coming.

Cho says he has one bad joke he keeps telling, even though it rarely produces laughs.

“When I lived in L.A., I liked to surf,” said Cho. “I was reading a story about how sharks often attack surfers because they mistake surfers for seals the way your arms and legs are hanging off the surfboard when you paddling. So my joke is that I took a picture of a seal and I drew a circle with a line through it and I put it underneath my surfboard to ward off the sharks.”

Cho said he’s not deterred by the fact that joke doesn’t get laughs.

“I told that joke on ‘The Tonight Show’ and it didn’t get anything, nothing,” said Cho. “Jay Leno asked me about it during the break and asked me if it ever got laughs. I told him it didn’t ever get laughs but that I was going to keep on telling it because I think it’s funny.”

Cho moved from L.A. to Nashville years ago because he and his wife said it is a better environment to raise their children. He’s been a comedian for 35 years.

“Comedy is a very fragile thing,” said Cho. “That’s why there aren’t many of us doing this.”