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Helton seeks 9th District Commissioner seat
Helton Steven

I am Steven Helton, from Viola, your Independent candidate seeking your vote for 9th District County Commission.

As a native of Warren County, I have many ties to this community. My family has served this community for over five generations, and I want to continue this service. 

It is fair to ask about my qualifications. As the sales manager at our family business, Helton, Inc, I have had many years of problem solving, customer service, working hand in hand with employees, and developing multimillion dollar deals with customers.

I have the opportunity to work with several local businesses and understand a number of the issues they are currently facing. Like them, our business deals with issues involving work force development, attendance, drug abuse, quality of employees, training and other problems. As well, my ability to serve can be seen in my role as a volunteer fireman at both Viola and Morrison, as the entertainment director on the fair board, FFA alumni of the year, and the president of Young Farmers and Ranchers.

Many have asked me, “Why do you want to serve?” As I watch the news and read the paper, like many of you, I don’t like what I see. I don’t want the community I love to become like so many of the cities and towns across this nation that are struggling. I want to help preserve our community. I feel obligated to fight to make this a place where my two young kids can grow up and raise their families.

Tourism has become an increasing topic in this election. I believe we need to nurture the organic tourism we currently have in our county. I have traveled to 26 states in the last year, and this travel helped me understand the potential tax dollars tourism could bring to our county. Rather than just addressing tourism by throwing money at it, we need people and their ideas. These ideas are and should be all over the board in order to draw a diverse group to our county. Current activities, ranging from live music and tractor pulls, to the award winning County Fair and the annual Back to the Strip, all serve to bring in people and their tax dollars.

As the first generation in my family to graduate college, I have a deep appreciation for education. Along with encouraging college education, I believe we need to invest in vocational training, so those who do not go to college can gain the tools necessary to earn a living.

I hope to be able to serve on the County Corrections Partnership Committee. Officer safety and communication is extremely important to me. As a farmer and businessman, I also feel I could contribute to the Economic and Agricultural Development Committee.

It is said, “If you are not growing, you are dying.” Let’s help Warren County grow to its potential. I ask for your support and vote during early voting or Aug. 2.