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Helton questions new Health Department
Steven Helton cmyk.jpg

Commissioner Steven Helton questioned County Executive Jimmy Haley on the new Health Department during the Warren County Commission meeting Monday night. 

Before the approval of the County Executive report, Helton asked Haley if the old armory location was always planned to be used for a new $9 million Health Department. 

“I do have a question regarding the Health Department. In your report here it says the use of the armory and I guess what my question is has that always been the plan to use the armory as the Health Department?” asked Helton.

“It is an option,” answered Haley.

Helton was referencing Haley’s statements in this month’s County Executive report where he said, “Final grant documents for the $9ml Health Department have not been signed. The State is behind on their paperwork. It has been recommended that we use Upland for the new facility and replicate the plan designs for the Cumberland County Health Department in order to save money and time. We will have a geo-tech survey done of the current Armory property to verify its use for our new construction.”

“I didn’t know if it was nailed in stone and I just missed that or if we were pursuing other spots as well,” said Helton.

“We’ve been looking at some other spots as well to present,” said Haley. “That is the most cost-effective to use that sight and it is centrally located as well. So we will be pursing that. There have been no documents. The quit claim for that property has not been given by the state anyways. We don’t even own the property yet. We can’t do anything with it yet. We have not signed the final grant documents with the Department of Health as well.”