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Health Department says watch for ticks
Health Department director Andrea Fox urges residents to keep an eye out for ticks.

The death of a local woman from Rocky Mountain spotted fever from a tick bite has raised awareness and public concern for the disease.
“Have you had many people come in with tick bites?” Commissioner Tommy Savage asked Health Department director Andrea Fox during a county Health and Welfare Committee meeting.
Fox replied, “We haven’t. I know we had that case of a woman who passed away after contracting Rocky Mountain spotted fever after a tick bite, but we haven’t had anything.”
Katie Underhill died May 20 after a debilitating, five-week battle with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a condition that was initially misdiagnosed as the flu due to it sharing some of the same symptoms.
Savage said people are now more aware about the disease and are educating themselves about the symptoms.
Although cases of RMSF can occur during any month, the majority of cases peak in June and July. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, abdominal pain, vomiting, and muscle pain. A rash may also develop, but is often absent the first few days, and in some patients never develops, the Centers for Disease Control says.
Fox urged people to check themselves regularly for ticks and use insect repellent when they are going to be in high grass or wooded areas.
The discussion was held during a meeting to receive the department’s monthly report.
In June, the Health Department provided 3,172 visits to 2,822 clients. Fox said that’s an increase of approximately 400 visits from the month prior.