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HAWC offers free dog houses
With temperatures dipping below freezing, it is essential that outdoor dogs be provided a place to escape the cold and harsh, chilling winds. Helping Animals of Warren County (HAWC) has free dog houses available. There are restrictions.

All dogs need proper shelter, but it’s even more essential during the winter months when they require a safe place to escape the cold weather and harsh, chilling winds.

Helping Animals of Warren County is offering a helping hand by making free dog houses available, complete with straw. There are restrictions.

“We have to make sure requirements are met before dog houses are given so not everyone will get one,” said HAWC president Hollie Cox.

By accepting the dog house and materials, the dog owner must agree to have their pet spayed or neutered, if they have not already been altered. The animal must also have a current rabies vaccination, or be vaccinated at the time of spay/ neuter.

HAWC will secure the veterinarian appointment for the procedure through a local clinic, while the owner agrees to bring the animal to the clinic at the appointment time. If transportation is an issue, the organization will make transportation arrangements.

A written agreement between

HAWC and the pet owner also requests the dog house be returned to the organization if and when it is no longer needed. The dog house is not to be sold or given away.

HAWC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Warren County. Anyone interested in applying for a free dog house is asked to contact HAWC on Facebook or by calling 931-743- 6012.