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Haston named to Beer Board
Shannon Haston is taking the place of Patty Riffe on the Beer Board.

McMinnville officials are having a beer emergency.
The Alcoholic Beverage Board of the city of McMinnville is slated to meet Monday to review an application by Junior Auxiliary of McMinnville to sell beer at Smokin’ in McMinnville as a fundraiser. However, the five-member board will be lacking three members and two is not enough to conduct business.
The need for a quorum was brought to the attention of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday night by Mayor Jimmy Haley.
“As you know, Smokin’ in McMinnville is coming up,” said Haley. “Approval of selling a beer and enabling of the Beer Board to move forward with approving that hinges upon the Beer Board having board members able to be present at a meeting on the 17th.”
Back in 2010, the city approved an ordinance that would allow one qualified charitable or nonprofit organization to apply to the Beer Board for a Special Event Beer Permit to sell beer within a designated area on the Civic Center grounds during Smokin’ in McMinnville.
Haley said two members of that board have said they cannot be in attendance on that day and one member, Patricia Riffe, has abruptly resigned.
“Patty Riffe has always been very helpful and always been present,” said Haley. “She has moved out of state and doesn’t know when she will be back. Her term goes through September 2018. I would like to recommend a replacement for Patty Riffe to fill the unfinished term. Since this is an emergency and I need this filled pretty quickly so we can have a quorum on July 17, I would like to recommend Shannon Haston to take the place of Patty Riffe on the Beer Board.”
McMinnville’sBoard of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously approved the recommended replacement.
Smokin’ in McMinnville is Aug. 11-12. For more information, visit