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Happy St. Patrick's Day
Fun facts about the holiday
Emily Bonner lucked out at Magness Library and wore a homemade leprechaun hat in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, which is March 17. The only thing missing was a pot of gold. - photo by Taylor Moore

Q: Who was St. Patrick?

He lived during the fifth century and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and its people.

Q: Who celebrates St. Patrick's Day?

It's celebrated around the globe in countries with people of Irish descent.

Q: What is the significance of green?

St. Patrick's revelers believed wearing green made them invisible to leprechauns, fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see. As part of the St. Patrick's Day tradition, people began pinching others who didn't wear green as a reminder that leprechauns would sneak up and pinch those who didn't wear green.

Q: Where did the idea come from about a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

It originated as Irish folklore where it was said fairies put a pot of gold coins at the end of each rainbow. Since there is no end to a rainbow, finding a pot of gold has become symbolic of attaining something which is extremely unlikely to achieve.