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Hangar rentals going up
Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

The airport is increasing hangar rental prices and not everyone on the airport commission is happy they did not have a say. 

At the county Economic and Agricultural Development meeting earlier this month, airport director Jim Dyer informed the commission that they will be increasing the hangar rental prices by 10%.

“The airport commission voted to increase the T hangar rental rates by 10% for 2023 except for the oldest hangar that is in worse shape from a maintenance standpoint,” said Dyer. 

Dyer says this will likely generate about $7,400 more a year back to the county. Commissioner Carl D. Bouldin asked how many older hangars there were at the airport.

“There are six and they go for just $120. They are partially paved, partially concrete and partially gravel in there. The roof is not exactly what you would call water tight and doors are in worse shape. This winter we are going to work on the doors as best we can,” said Dyer. “We will do whatever we can this winter to make all the hangars better and we are going to start with the older ones first.” 

Dyer was asked about the feedback he has received about the increase and he said some people thought the increase was going to be higher. 

“There were some people that figured it would be worse because, well everyone knew it had to go up, but a lot of people feel like it was better than it could have been. It was certainly better than what I recommended,” said Dyer. 

He also mentioned that some members of the commission were not happy about not being able to vote on this increase because they are also pilots. 

“Something that is a little unusual is there were a lot of negative comments about the pilot members of the commission not being able to vote on that. I have explained it the best way I know how that it is not appropriate based on Tennessee Law. I am going to go run copies of that law and ask Mr. Bratcher to find all that so that I am quite familiar with it and can point to it and say there is nothing we can do about it,” said Dyer.

“I don’t think you can vote on anything related to the income or outcome of your money,” said Bouldin.

“Mr. Bratcher explained it and the word got out and it has not been digested as I had hoped,” said Dyer. 

The hangar increase will be about $16 more per hangar. 

“Today the total hangar income is, well the airport is using two hangars so we are not fully rented, but if we were, and we want to be, it would be $85,656. After the increase it will be $93,504,” said Dyer.