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Hale faces another round of legal issues
Brooke Hale faces new charge involving failure to keep a child in school.

Legal problems persist for Brooke Hale, despite settling her charges this past week in connection with the stabbing of her husband in front of the VFW last summer.
Her new charges involve failure to keep a child in school – charges the district attorney said she did not know were going to be filed when prosecutors allowed her to enter a plea bargain on Wednesday.
“We certainly would have brought that up before the judge had we known,” said District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis, whose office opposed a judicial diversion which Hale was granted Wednesday by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley.
Mrs. Hale was granted a two-year judicial diversion on the reduced charge of facilitation of aggravated assault while the man who stabbed her husband, Jack Redmon, was placed on probation for three years.
The plea bargains were offered after Mike Hale recanted his original story about how things happened. He maintained his wife had nothing to do with the attack after first telling authorities that she had swung a motorcycle helmet at him. Prosecutors said it would impossible to proceed given Mr. Hale’s change of story.
While the plea offer would have likely still been on the table even with her most recent charges involving her child missing 11 days of school, the judicial diversion Judge Stanley granted may have been affected had the court known of her new charges. In Mrs. Hale’s case, she was eligible for the diversion due to her clean criminal record. A diversion means she can have her criminal record erased once she completes probation.
“I don’t know if that would have had an impact on it or not, but we certainly would have liked to have known,” Zavogiannis said.
While it is not known exactly when Mrs. Hale was served the criminal summons, it is known it happened at the courthouse while she was there to enter her plea bargain. She was merely served and was not arrested. The crime for which she is charged, failure to keep a minor child in school, is a misdemeanor. The summons does not reveal the time frame during which her child was absent from school. Mrs. Hale served 40 days in jail after her arrest.