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Habitat for Humanity may get 3 lots
Habitat for Humanity, which has built 29 homes in Warren County, could receive three more parcels from the city for additional homes.

Warren County Habitat for Humanity could receive three parcels of land from the city of McMinnville.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved on first read an ordinance to convey property at 131 Higginbotham Road, 210 George Huggins Drive, and 217 Mt. Leo Heights.
“It’s the ones we demolished,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley. “They are empty lots and Habitat wants to take them.”
The city demolished the houses on those lots. Habitat helps residents achieve the dream of homeownership by making the venture financially affordable. Donated land reduces the cost to participating families.
Empty lots owned by the city generate nothing in tax revenue, but donating them to Habitat means they will eventually be back on the tax rolls. According to a provisionary clause, homes must be constructed on the properties within the next five years or the deeds could revert back to the city.
“They serve no purpose for us just sitting there,” said Haley. “We demolished the property and they’ll put them back on the tax rolls again. We have a great working relationship with Habitat.”
The measure passed on first read. Being an ordinance, a second read is required.