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Gun dealers targeted
Series of break-ins attempted
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McMinnville Police Department is investigating potential burglaries at Fully Loaded Firearms, Fog House Firearms, and First Choice Pawn & Jewelry. Pictured is the front of Fully Loaded Firearms as intruders attempted to gain entry.

Thieves targeted two local gun stores and a pawn shop over the weekend, gaining access to two of the businesses.

Hit in the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 4, were Fully Loaded Firearms, Fog House Firearms, and First Choice Pawn & Jewelry. McMinnville Police Department is investigating. 

“They tried to break into my business between the hours of 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Saturday morning,” said Fully Loaded owner Matt Rains. “Using a concrete block, they tried to gain entry by breaking the glass on the front door. They broke the inside and outside glass. Thankfully, my security glass held. They didn’t get in.” 

Rains says he has a video that shows three figures dressed in dark clothes and wearing hoodies. A reward has been offered for the arrest and conviction of the individuals. 

The second gun shop was not so lucky. 

“They gained access into my business at 3:47 a.m.,” said Fog House Firearms owner Joshua West, who has posted a video of the suspects on his Facebook page. “They broke the glass from the front door using a decorative brick. Not sure where it came from. Looks like it was in someone’s garden.”

Three intruders entered the business while a getaway driver backed a van up to the entrance.

“They could have wiped me out,” said West. “A good Samaritan in McDonald’s parking lot saw something that just didn’t look right. He called the police and pointed his headlights in the direction of my store. That scared them off. They left with nothing.”

While the incident involving West’s business was being investigated, an alarm went off at First Choice Pawn & Jewelry.

“While the police were here, the first call came out about an alarm at First Choice Pawnshop,” said West. 

McMinnville Police Capt. Nichole Mosley says the pawn shop was hit twice and persistence paid off. 

“The alarm went off at the rear door of the pawn shop,” said Mosley, of the first call. “An officer responded and everything was secure. The alarm went off again a couple hours later. The officer responded and found the rear door was ajar and a cash register was missing.”

Anyone with information is urged to call McMinnville Police Department at 473-3808.