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Gum gets 30 days for theft
Jared Gum was allowed to plea to misdemeanor theft.
An ill-advised attempt to rip off his bank will cost a man 30 days in jail after he tried to withdraw over $12,000 despite only having $2 in his bank account.The man, Jared T. Gum, 22, was allowed to plea to misdemeanor theft and was ordered to serve 30 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence along with time he owes the state for violation of probation. He will also be required to make $500 restitution to First National Bank.His month behind bars comes after he tried to steal from his own bank, First National Bank in downtown McMinnville. According to McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland, Gum deposited multiple envelopes through the location’s ATM.“Over an hour period he made 22 deposits into an account owned by him,” the detective said.