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Group wants recycling signage at garbage center
Consideration is being given to adding this sign at Warren Countys Convenience Center at the fairgrounds to better promote recycling.

Should Warren County’s Sanitation Department change its sign to better signify its dedication to recycling?
The measure is under consideration by county Health and Welfare Committee members after being presented to them by Sanitation Department director Steve Hillis, who says the idea came from recycling enthusiasts.
“I have a group of people who are really into recycling,” said Hillis. “They’ve been to County Executive Herschel Wells’ office and we’ve met with them off and on. They seem to think at the fairgrounds it doesn’t represent what we do over there. They want a sign that says ‘Warren County Recycling and Convenience Center.’ We have one sign up and it just says something about keeping Warren County clean.”
Hillis presented a picture of the sign the group wants, which would be two-sided and 4 foot by 8 foot.
“They also want smaller signs, like 18 by 24 inches,” said Hillis. “They are really nice and they are being outstanding about it. The price on all this is $851.”
Commissioner Michael Martin asked, “Who are these people who are telling the government what we’ve got to do?”
The effort, said Hillis, is to endorse recycling and encourage local residents to take advantage of the recycling opportunities offered by the county.
“They are really involved in recycling,” said Hillis. “If you think about it, our numbers never really go up much in recycling. I don’t know if these signs would help or not. They would look good and the hours of operation would be along the bottom of the sign.”
According to the March report, the department recycled 126 tons and 775 tons went to the landfill which means 14 percent is being recycled. The department makes an effort to recycle newspaper, cardboard, tires, oil, plastic, electronics, metal, aluminum cans, batteries, and paint.
Funds for the signs would come from the Sanitation Department’s current budget. Hillis said he has $10,000 for site operations and he has yet to use any of it.
The request was not accepted or rejected. Committee members tabled the discussion and requested Hillis contact the individuals and have them attend the next meeting.