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Grissom ticketed in wreck
Grissom Ticketed in Wreck 1.jpg
A 2012 Nissan Altima was winched up this access road off South Chancery Street near Chris Lane on Wednesday afternoon. The Altima was being driven by Rachel Grissom, 17, of McMinnville. - photo by Chris Simones

An accident Wednesday afternoon didn’t result in physical injury, but may leave a financial bruise on one of the drivers.

Rachel Grissom, 17, of McMinnville was driving southbound on South Chancery Street near Mayfield Lumber when she failed to see a FedEx van at a complete stop in front of her.

The van was being driven by Ivan Russell, 52, of Murfreesboro. Russell was waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so he could turn left onto Chris Lane.

Grissom attempted to swerve around Russell’s FedEx van at the last moment but her front bumper clipped Russell’s rear bumper. The glancing blow caused her vehicle to spin out of control and plunge down a hill on the opposite side of the road.

Both drivers were wearing seatbelts and the airbags deployed in Grissom’s Nissan Altima.

Neither driver was injured. Grissom was ticketed for following too closely. McMinnville Police Department investigated the crash.