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Grandmother gets year for test drive
Christy Stevens entered guilty pleas to several charges.

It will end up being a year-long test drive for a local grandmother who stole a vehicle, crashed it while running from the car lot owner, and then went on a crime spree while on the lamb from the law.
The woman, Christy Stevens, 53, entered guilty pleas to charges of grand theft auto, burglary, theft and driving on a suspended license. She was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve one year of a five-year sentence and may be furloughed to Love Lady Treatment Center for treatment.
Her issues started when she walked into C&C Auto Sales on Beersheba Street and asked to take a test drive. The owner asked to see her driver’s license and she told him she would go get it. However, she had other ideas given the fact she had no driver license.
“The owner watched her go get her things and throw them into a parked vehicle that the owner had been driving with the keys inside,” said McMinnville police officer Richard Teachout, noting the owner came running out of the office to flag her down. “She drove off the lot at a high rate of speed.”
The owner and his stepson gave chase and followed the vehicle to South High Street where they were able to get around her and make contact. However, she refused to stop, instead turning onto George Higgins Street before getting onto South Chancery and traveling out of town.
It was during the run from the car lot owner Stevens smashed the vehicle when she rammed another vehicle while trying to get away. The owner noted there was a bank deposit bag in the vehicle she stole.
The bag contained blank checks. The checks were not inside the vehicle when it was recovered by police. However, the checks were found in Stevens’ possession when police arrived to arrest her for the auto theft.
It while she was on the wanted list she broke into the All-O-Ksions warehouse on Beersheba Street and rifled through vehicles there, taking several items. She was caught on surveillance camera committing the crime.