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Gorge closed to swimmers
park closes gorge swimming BEST.jpg
One of many scenic views in Rock Island State Park is also a local favorite for swimmers. Tennessee State Parks announced Tuesday the gorge will be closed until July 24 due to both generator units at the dam being out of service.

Rock Island State Park has closed popular swimming areas in the river gorge. The closure will remain in effect for seven weeks.

According to park manager Damon Graham, both generator units at TVA Great Falls will be out of service from June 8 through July 24. During that time, TVA will maintain target water levels with active water releases which will pose a danger for swimmers.

“The dam will likely be in active spill mode for the entire service period which is predicted to end July 24,” Graham said. “Active spill mode is in effect any time water is being released over the dam. Once TVA activates spilling, additional water releases may occur at any time, with or without warning. Massive amounts of water may be discharged suddenly affecting conditions for miles downstream.”

For visitor safety, all state park sections of the river gorge below the TVA dam will be closed during this entire time period of water releases. 

This closure includes all swimming spots in the river gorge section as well as the Upstream Access Trail and Old Mill Access Trail. 

Park visitors are asked to please plan accordingly for the closures and for their safety not to attempt to enter closed areas.