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Glenna Godwin a friendly fixture at post office
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Glenna Boren Godwin has been providing friendly, efficient service to customers at the post office on Court Square since 1994. She is a self-described “people person,” so her position as lead window clerk, a position that entails lots of customer interaction, suits her. “I like making people laugh. I like making people happy,” she says.

Godwin, along with other post office employees including Chanel Powers, Andrew Davis, Tim Wells, Allison Rains, and Pat Moore, strives to treat each post office patron with fairness and respect.

Godwin was born and raised in Detroit and she did not move to McMinnville until she was 17 years old. Her father grew up in McMinnville, and her mother grew up in Woodbury.

One story that Godwin relates is of her father, who as a youth was injured in a hunting accident. Doctors did not think that he would live, and the medical staff called John High at the funeral home to tell him they would have a body for Mr. High in the morning. However, Godwin’s father made a miraculous recovery after drinking the water from a vase of flowers next to his hospital bed.

Godwin says, “When I first saw John High, he walked up to my dad and shook his hand … and said, ‘I’m still waiting on you.’”

Godwin’s parents did not end up meeting until they were in their early 20s. Both, ironically, were residing in Detroit and were visiting family in Tennessee for the holidays. One night Godwin’s father went to the Park Theatre with his brother to see a movie, and while there he met Godwin’s mother, who was at the Park with her sister.

Godwin’s parents exchanged telephone numbers and went on a date once they both got back to Detroit. They soon got married and became parents to Godwin and her sister Carolyn.

When Godwin moved to McMinnville at the age of 17, she took a liking to the freedom she found. “I was surprised and thrilled to be able to go out and go shopping at night,” she says. That was something she did not do at night in Detroit due to the prevalence of crime.

After graduating from Warren County High School in the class of 1973, Godwin worked at Roma’s Pizza, at a shirt factory in Smithville, and at First National Bank in town. She then worked for 15 years at Boren Jewelry, the jewelry store in McMinnville that her father and mother owned.

Then, in 1994 Godwin began work at the post office and has been there since.

Godwin reports she and the rest of the staff at the post office have been working from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. every workday lately. “We’ve kind of had Christmas volume since March,” she says, owing to the preponderance of packages being sent and received during the global pandemic.

When she is not at work, Godwin and her husband David like to spend time with their adult children Sarah and Charles.

Sarah is both an actress/ singer and a paralegal. She recently played the role of Vi Petty in the nationwide tour of the musical “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story,” and when she is not acting or singing she works for a law office on Wall Street. Their son Charles lives in Brentwood and is a music producer for rap artists.

Glenna and her devoted husband of 46 years, David, attend Central Church of Christ in McMinnville.

Godwin says one of the things she misses about pre-pandemic times is being able to physically interact with post office customers who are down or are having a bad day. “I especially miss the hugs,” she says. “There are times when we all need each other … I think we all need to lift each other up.”