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George charged with felony counterfeiting
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A man faces felony counterfeiting charges after he suckered another man into giving him change for a fake $100 bill.The man, Albert George, 57, is charged with criminal simulation and could face up to two years in prison if convicted.His charge comes after he approached a man at Arm’s Apartments and asked if he could make change for a $100 bill.“The man (victim) exchanged five $20 bills for the $100 bill that was in the possession of Albert R. George,” said McMinnville policeman Justin Cobble.It was later that evening, when the victim took a closer look at the $100 bill, he realized he had been duped.“While looking at the $100 bill, he determined it was a forgery and it stated on its face “For motion picture use only.”Police were called and shown the fake bill. It was discovered, during the process of the investigation, George knew the $100 was fake because he had tried to pass it earlier and was rejected.