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Gang-style attack under investigation
Lisa Z

The District Attorney’s Office says an investigation is continuing into an unprovoked attack at a local apartment complex where as many as six people jumped a man as he was leaving his apartment.

The attack, filmed in its entirety and shared on social media, has sparked outrage. Several concerned residents who viewed the video have called the Standard office to ask if those responsible will face charges.

“You can’t go around beating people up and think it’s OK,” said District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis. “That type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable. We are aware of what’s happened and it’s being investigated.”

McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton said city officers have visited the apartment complex on multiple occasions to gather information for their role in the investigation. Denton described the victim as a 20-year-old male.

The video, which was posted over a week ago, reportedly was made at Asbury Apartments located off Oriole Drive. It shows the victim being grabbed by two males as soon as he leaves his apartment.

As the victim tries to run away, he’s tackled in the parking lot and three males begin hitting and kicking him. Others join in the assault with as many as six males surrounding the victim at one point.

Based on the video, the attack appears to be an effort to steal the victim’s sneakers. The perpetrators look to be young males around 18 or younger.