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Funny money no laughing matter
Leverett charged with counterfeiting, theft
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A man who passed a phony bill at a Newtown business has been bound to the grand jury on counterfeiting charges.
The defendant, Brandon Steve Leverett, 36, was bound to the grand jury by Judge Bill Locke on charges of theft and criminal simulation.
He is charged after he entered Hina Market in Newtown and made a purchase of $14 from the store.
“He passed a counterfeit $20 for the purchase,” said McMinnville police detective Marty Cantrell, noting that along with getting the merchandise, Leverett was also given change back by the clerk.
The detective said it was not the only time Leverett had tried to pass funny money at the store.
“Earlier in the week he attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at Hina Market,” Cantrell said. “He was refused.”
The combination of charges come because he not only passed the counterfeit bill on one of his visits, but he also deprived Hina of its merchandise and change that was given for the worthless bill.