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First United Methodist getting face-lift
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A face-lift is coming to a historic church in downtown McMinnville. 

New doors, façade alterations and placement of a fence are in store for First United Methodist Church, 200 West Main Street. 

The upgrades were outlined in a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) request considered by McMinnville Historical Zoning Commission members on Tuesday.   

“This commission appreciates the church’s attention to detail that’s been put into this renovation,” said Tom Ward, commission member. 

Fellow commission member Rachel Killebrew added, “It’s a beautiful building.” 

The three projects:

• Replaced will be the double doors currently located at the base of the towers on the southwest and southeast corners of the southern façade. According to the application, both are in disrepair due to water damage. They will be replaced with doors milled as exact replicas. 

• Existing painted areas on the exterior of the church will be repainted. Colors will match the existing colors, primarily white.

• A wrought-iron fence will be placed on the site of the columbarium. 

Jimmy Haley was in attendance to answer any questions posed by commission members. 

“We are on the national register. It is a historic building,” said Haley. 

Commission members Ward, Killebrew, Katie Kemezis and Steve Harvey approved the COA request.