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Firefighters battle Sullivan Lumber blaze
Sullivan Lumber fire1.jpg
McMinnville Fire Department works to contain a fire at Sullivan Lumber. The department spent more than three hours on the scene.

A fire at Sullivan Lumber in Depot Bottom started in the early morning hours Wednesday. 

“We got the call about 4 a.m.,” said McMinnville Fire Chief Kendall Mayfield. “It was a shed out from the main mill. It had already burnt all the way down, pretty much, and was spreading toward the main mill.”

Firefighters fought to prevent that.

“My guys worked to contain it,” said Mayfield. “There was no saving the shed. It was gone, so the focus was to contain and extinguish.”

The department’s effort required mutual aid from Collins River Volunteer Fire Department. 

“The hydrant in that area wasn’t enough to keep up with demand,” said Mayfield. “We had two engines working on scene, but the hydrant could only handle one. We needed more water. We needed a tanker truck. We requested assistance from Collins River and they responded.”

Tankers, also called pumpers, are used by rural fire departments to carry water to the scene. Because the city of McMinnville has fire hydrants available, it does not own a tanker. 

“We do have places in town that can’t handle two trucks at one time,” said Mayfield. “Not all calls require two trucks, though. Most of the time we can hook up to a hydrant with one truck and be OK. We’re thankful to Collins River for their assistance. The guys worked from 4 a.m. until about 7:30 a.m.”

Sullivan Lumber is located on Bridge Street in Depot Bottom. The cause of the fire is unknown.