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Fire doesn't stop newspaper delivery
Vehicle fire2.jpg
The driver of this vehicle was able to escape the burning wreckage and avoid injury. Gary Hoyle was delivering Southern Standard newspapers on Saturday night when his vehicle left the road and caught fire.

Not even the U.S. Postal Service can match the dedication of Southern Standard route carrier Gary Hoyle.

Hoyle’s vehicle was engulfed in flames while he was delivering his Standard route on Saturday night. Hoyle was not only able to escape injury, but he returned to the Standard office later that night so he could get more papers to finish his route and ensure no one missed their Sunday edition.

“First and foremost, we are thankful Mr. Hoyle was able to escape the fire unharmed,” said Standard publisher Patricia Zechman. “Our route carriers log many hours on the road and are out there at night in the rain, snow and ice. We are always concerned with their safety and are appreciative of the job they do.”

Zechman continued, “We also want to thank Mr. Hoyle for his dedication to delivering the Standard. There aren’t many people who would watch their car go up in flames, then return to the newspaper office to finish their route that same night. That truly is an amazing story and shows a work ethic not many people have today.”

Hoyle was traveling on Collins River Drive at approximately 6:15 p.m. on Saturday night when he looked down momentarily. He told emergency responders his vehicle left the roadway, went down a slight embankment and erupted in flames.

Campaign-Rock Island Fire Department responded with North Warren Fire Department assisting.