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Fingerprints on motorcycle lead to Jones' arrest
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In a scene out of the TV show CSI, fingerprints have linked a man to the attempted theft of a motorcycle.
The man, Christopher Thomas Jones, 23, has been indicted on charges of criminal trespass and attempted theft.
It was Jones’ fingerprints that led to his arrest after a Pinecrest Circle man reported someone tried to steal his Kawasaki motorcycle, valued at $6,200 by moving it to the edge of the roadway.
Not having a clue who the would-be thief was, sheriff’s investigators Travis Thaxton and Jason Rowland lifted latent fingerprints from the cycle and sent them to the TBI crime lab for analysis.
“The prints were processed through the automated fingerprint identification system, resulting in them being identified as belonging to Christopher Thomas Jones,” said Thaxton, noting he went to talk to the victim after getting the identification. “The victim stated he did not know him and that Mr. Jones did not have permission or consent to be on his property nor around his motorcycle.”
The TBI database of fingerprints keeps a record of all prints obtained from people who have been arrested for a crime and is also linked to the national crime computer which maintains its own database of fingerprints.