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Fine for dumping animals considered
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Discussion continues concerning the potential $10 per animal intake fee at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center. 

Commissioner Blaine Wilcher reiterated his support of the intake fee during this month’s Health and Welfare Committee meeting saying “it’s a good place to start” while adding his stance on punishment for animal dumping.

“We need a $500 fine for dumping,” said Wilcher. “How are we going to enforce it? What happens is, one day somebody is going to get caught and that will do a lot.”

Both Animal Control director Sherri Bradley and McMinnville Animal Control officer David Denton were in attendance and voiced their opinions. 

“Most people, when you start explaining to them, they get it,” said Bradley in regard to the intake fee.

Denton, on the other hand, shared his concerns, saying that after 12 years, it has been his experience that it’s nearly impossible to prove someone dumped an animal even with photo evidence.

“We had a picture of a lady putting one out at Kroger but her thing was ‘I got it in the car and was going to take it to the shelter and it tried to bite me and I went to put it out,’” Denton said. “I have people come in that won’t even adopt because there is an adoption fee.”

Denton went on to express concerns about another potential impact of the fee.

“I don’t know about the $10 because if you can enforce a $500 dumping fee in the county and they know it, as soon as they leave Sherri and they realize they have to pay $10, they are going to go outside the gate or a side street and it will be running stray,” said Denton.

As for updates on the circle drive or trustee program, apparently mum’s the word.

“All I can say about the trustee program is that we are not allowed to talk about it so you’ll have to talk to Executive (Jimmy) Haley, but as far as the committee is concerned, you’ve got our go ahead,” said Wilcher to Animal Control director Sherri Bradley. “On the circle drive, same thing. You’ve got the committee’s and commission’s support. It’s going to have to be something Executive Haley will allow to happen.”