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Farmers Market sprouts new lease
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The agreement between the Farmers Market Group and the city of McMinnville is growing toward fruition.
City attorney Tim Pirtle is working out the details with group member J.B. Brown and providing the Board of Mayor and Aldermen with updates.
“I met last week with Mr. Brown with the merchant organization about the Farmers Market,” said Pirtle. “He and I had a very productive talk, very straightforward.”
The old contract provided specific days and times the group would be allowed exclusive use the facility. Among those days is Friday from 12-5 p.m.
The group is voluntarily giving up Fridays.
“One significant change, the previous agreement reserved the facility for the exclusive use of the Farmers Market Group for Friday, Saturday and Wednesday,” said Pirtle. “He related that his group did not use the facility at all on Fridays in recent memory. If they wanted to use it on Fridays going forward, it would only be by special request and on an isolated basis. He suggested we delete Friday from the lease agreement which will open up the use of that facility to Parks and Rec.”
The Farmers Market Group does not have exclusive use of the pavilion except during the times specified by the contract. Currently, they receive Wednesday and Saturday of each and every year from 4 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning the first Saturday in April and ending on the third Saturday in December.
The Farmers Market Group, also called Warren County Agricultural Producers Association, has had a longstanding agreement with city officials for use of the pavilion to offer locally grown produce. This agreement, once complete, is expected to be for 10 years.