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Fair to remain free for 20 more years
County approves new lease
Warren County Fair Association will offer a fair for free for the next 20 years.
A free fair in Warren County has been secured until 2037.Warren County Commissioners unanimously approved a lease agreement Monday night that requires the Warren County A&L Fair Association to offer a fair for free for the next 20 years. The measure, a 20-year lease agreement between the two for the fairground property, replaces a 10-year lease that will expire Aug. 20, 2017. Among other stipulations in the lease, the Fair Association will have exclusive use of the property for $1 in order to offer a free fair.“It is mutually understood and agreed between the parties that said leased property shall be used for the purpose of conducting a free fair for the use and benefit of all citizens of Warren County, in such a manner as the Fair Association shall determine without the control or interference of the county, and the Fair Association hereby covenants and agrees to maintain, operate and carry on the functions of a free fair for all citizens of the county and to use the property hereby leased to it for the exclusive purposes as set out herein.”Warren County A&L Fair began in 1954 and 50 acres of land was purchased for its use.