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Facebook post leads to arrests
Joseph Casey mugshot.jpg
Jacob Lowery mugshot.jpg
Jacob Lowery

Posting on Facebook can get you arrested as two Warren County residents allegedly involved in an auto theft recently discovered.

According to McMinnville Police detective Katelyn Cannon, she was investigating a stolen vehicle report captured on home surveillance video when a Facebook post from a concerned citizen was brought to her attention.

“We had a vehicle stolen from Arms Apartments on Nov. 11,” said Cannon. “The vehicle owner came out and the vehicle was gone. They had home surveillance video. I was able to get a description of the two male suspects involved.”

The vehicle was a 1999 GMC pickup. 

Facebook then became a platform for helping solving the crime.

“That same day, a resident of Morrison posted to Facebook concerning two guys walking on her road,” said Cannon. “She sees two random guys walking down the road. They’re up and down driveways. She thought their behavior was suspicious so she posted pictures of the two guys on Facebook. They matched the description of the men seen taking the truck.”

That post drew comments.

“I scrolled down the comments and one of the guys has gotten onto the Facebook post and he identifies himself,” said Cannon. “He was on there to deny the allegations that he was up to no good. He identified himself as Joseph Casey. He’s 26 years old.”

That identification quickly led to a second suspect, Jacob Lowery, also 26. Casey reportedly confessed to taking the pickup. He has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle.

“Lowery was located at his apartment on Nov. 16,” said Cannon. “We brought him in for questioning and he confessed. We took him into custody. At that moment, he admits to having something in his pocket. We retrieved that item and it was a couple grams of methamphetamine.”

Lowery was charged with theft of a motor vehicle and possession of meth. 

The pickup was recovered at Four Corners Market, located at the intersection of Shelbyville Road and Jacksboro Highway.