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Everett Brock - Let me set the record straight
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Brock, Everett

Recently I, Steve Harvey, and my wife, Sally Brock, have come under a lying, slanderous attack from an alderman, Stacey Harvey, and several other candidates who are running for McMinnville alderman. 

In my 12 years as an alderman I have never seen such garbage heaped on anyone running for public office. Even though these positions are nonpartisan, Mr. Harvey has decided to take the national political path of personal attacks, lies, division and partisan politics to scream out, even though he himself is not running.

Just to be clear, I would like to correct some of these lies and give you the truth.

First of all, I can’t remember an alderman, including Mr. Harvey, not voting to approve the budget unanimously, since everyone gets a chance to provide input. Yet Mr. Harvey would have you believe that he has fought tooth and nail to oppose these budgets and increase money for paving and infrastructure and was outvoted. He accuses the three of us of leading this lie.

In reality, we just finished a complete overhaul of our main sewer lines without  using taxpayer money. We are starting construction of a new water treatment plant that likewise will not be a burden to the taxpayers.

We started a storm water abatement program, at my suggestion, and that has provided relief to low-lying areas, already winning a state award.

As far as a fire engine is concerned, I voted two meetings ago to look at how we could purchase one: Pay upfront and get a discount, pay upon delivery or wait until next year. The price is around $1M after fitting out the engine. If we wait until next year, grants would pay most, if not all, of the cost. I decided to wait until next year and save the city $1M. Waiting a year will not endanger our firefighters or citizens. I do not want to use this $1M to add to downtown or for a Parks project, as Mr. Harvey says. It’s a sound financial decision.

As for Sally and I both being on the board, she was elected with the most votes I can remember an alderman getting. That tells me the public doesn’t have a problem with it. Don’t like it, change the law. And she ran as Sally Brock, not like Mr. Harvey, who ran as S. Harvey to trade on Steve Harvey’s name.

As for downtown renovation, it has never come up, except for a little discussion. There are no moneys allocated in any budget. What was discussed is a way to replace underground water and sewer lines and let the state do the paving, which they have agreed to. 

As for the Parks department, we have included it in future years and are looking at grants. Again little discussing and no vote.

Now the biggie, paving. Over the last six years we have spent an average of $422,000 per year on paving. We will receive $4.2M from state and federal COVID funds, and an additional $4 M in funds restricted  for water, sewer, and storm water. This will allow us to really get a leg up on sidewalks and paving.

Finally according to Mr. Harvey’s billboard, I have been an Alderman for 18 years. I have actually been there 12 years, and have been the Budget and Finance chairman for eight. We have not had a tax increase in 12 years, exactly the time I have been on the board. The city is in the best financial shape ever, even without COVID dollars. I look at that as bringing experience and stability to the position.

I am sick of all this negativity. Run on your platform, not taking the scorched earth approach with opponents.

Everett Brock

Vice Mayor

City of McMinnville

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