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Estimates unknown after EMS wrecks
EMS pickup truck wreck original.jpg
A Warren County EMS pickup, left, was caught up in this bypass collision in front of Korner Market on Oct. 26.

The damage estimate is still unknown on a wrecked Warren County EMS supervisor’s truck.

On Oct. 26, the vehicle was involved in a three-vehicle crash triggered when a woman ran a red light at an intersection on the bypass and collided with an SUV pulling a trailer. EMS employee Daniel Scruggs was waiting in the turn lane to turn left onto Mullican Street when he was caught up in the crash.

“The supervisor’s truck is at Lee’s Collison,” said EMS director Preston Denney, who provided a status update during a county Safety Committee meeting. “I talked to them and they said they are working on the estimate. As soon as State Farm has the estimate they should have it approved within 24 hours.”

The insurance process also continues on an ambulance that was involved in an interstate wreck in Nashville earlier this year.

Denney says legal inspection, requested by an attorney representing one of the parties involved in the wreck, on the ambulance is complete and the process to refurbish has begun.

“They said they would send a service out to test the load system, but it has to be in a truck that’s in working order,” said Denney. “We’ll take the load system out of the wrecked truck and bring it back so we can install it into one of the other trucks. If it passes inspection, we can use it. Because the load system is mounted onto the truck, the insurance company said they would replace it if it can’t be used.”

A stretcher inside the ambulance must be replaced, said Denney, and insurance is determining if it will be responsible.

“The stretcher, since it can be taken in and out, they didn’t know if they would replace it,” he said. “We may be on our own when it comes to the stretcher.”

No timeframe was given for either vehicle to be back on the road.