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ESG offers to inspect county jail upgrades
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The state is offering to inspect future upgrades at Warren County Jail so past mistakes are not repeated. 

According to Commissioner Steven Helton during a meeting of the county Corrections Partnership Committee, the state is willing to send an inspector free of charge to make sure upgrades being made by Energy Savings Group meet state codes and items used are correctional grade.

“The state is going to assign us a person who is going to come in and check, periodically, on big phases of the renovation to verify that we are building it to state codes and that everything is correctional grade,” said Helton. “I think that’s really going to help us out and keep us from having some of the issues that we currently have.” 

Issues have been longstanding and not related to ESG.

The offer to inspect came through Bob Bass, who is Detention Facilities manager and County Corrections Partnership coordinator with the Tennessee Correction Institute.

Warren County hired ESG to make $3.65 million in upgrades at the jail.

“ESG is still in the process of getting all the items on order,” said Helton. “The regular lights are here. They’ve been purchased. The correctional grade lights that are going into the facility have to be built. Once they arrive, they will be inspected by the state prior to installation. If they do not meet specs, they will be sent back.”

Bass reported to Helton that TCI is satisfied with ESG at this time.

“When I spoke with Mr. Bass, I wanted to make sure the state was happy with the direction we are going,” said Helton. “He said they have had multiple meetings and conversations with ESG, and with the directors of ESG, and they are really happy with everything that’s been going on.”