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EMS workers follow blood trail in search of driver
Shelbyville Road wreck3.jpg
Volunteer firefighters begin an effort to gain entry into wreckage on Shelbyville Road on Wednesday as other firefighters, EMS personnel and Warren County Sheriff’s Department deputies search for the missing driver, who was bleeding. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
Travis James Lilienthal-1.jpg

Emergency responders followed a trail of blood in an unsuccessful effort to locate the driver involved in a single-vehicle wreck Wednesday on Shelbyville Road. 

The blood belonged to Travis Lilienthal, 31. While the wreck occurred at 10:30 a.m., the Warren County resident was discovered at his residence later that day and charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

A witness reported seeing an F-150 traveling outbound when it veered to the right and off the roadway. The vehicle went into the woods beside a bridge and flipped. Trees stopped the vehicle, which came to rest on its side on the edge of a creek bed. That individual also reported seeing a man running from the area.

“While on the scene, a volunteer firefighter advised me that the vehicle was unoccupied and they were attempting to search the area for the driver,” said Warren County Sheriff’s deputy Calvin Ham-mond.

The deputy, EMS personnel and firefighters “observed a trail of blood coming from the vehicle” and followed that trail for about a mile and were unable to locate the driver. 

“I walked back toward the scene of the crash to get my information,” said Hammond. “Several volunteer firefighters continued on for about three miles and still were unable to locate (the individual).”

When attempts to locate Lilienthal failed, his wife was contacted by phone and advised about the wreck with injury and the attempts being made to locate her husband. 

According to the report, deputies smelled an odor of alcohol. 

“He stated all he could remember was that he was driving home and somehow made it home,” said Hammond.

The extent of his injury is unknown.